In 2013 Bud and I began our love story. I was a divorced, single mom. Working, going to school, raising a 5 year old. Broken, alone, and wondering where my life was heading. I prayed every night for the right man to come into my life. And I prayed HARD. I knew God had someone amazing planned for me and I knew it was important to be patient and to be picky with who I dated. Bud, on the other hand, was in podunk Oklahoma going through his own life trials. He had lived through a terrible divorce, and a life altering accident involving a semi-truck. He was just barely getting his life back in order the two years before I met him.
We met on ldssingles.com. I got on as a joke and to appease my mother. Bud got on to find himself a wife. He found me after going through “thousands of profiles” as he says. He wrote me this long drawn out post that was supposed to be really funny but I felt he was just trying too hard and so I didn’t even respond to him LOL.

 Later that week we were both in the chatroom and he started talking to me. Let’s just say, once we started talking we never stopped. 8 hours the first night and on and on until he wanted to fly out to meet me. I was hesitant, as I had been burned so many times before. Why was this guy so eager to meet me? Why the heck did he like me? Would he kill me? LOL. I decided to take a chance on him. After all, our connection was amazing so far…and I was intrigued. So he flew out.
 I remember being so nervous at the airport. I looked up at one point and saw him coming down the escalator. I thought, oh CRAP! He’s gorgeous and I’m in trouble. When I looked up, he was gone!! I thought, did he see me and run away?! I looked up AGAIN and he was there. Except, this time, he had taken off his jacket and was coming straight for me.


I thought I would be the nervous one, but boy was I wrong! The poor guy wouldn’t even look me in the eye! Turns out he was so nervous at first, but as we talked more and more he loosed up. A short month later we were engaged and 7 months later we were married in the OKC temple in Yukon, OK!

Our journey to find love has not always been easy. In fact, it has been a broken road that we work on carefully mending, every single day. We didn’t know how badly we needed each other…but God did. He is the reason we met and we are so thankful every day that we get to work together, building our dreams and raising our babies. We are so blessed to have found a best friend in each other…the one we had both been seeking for so long!

I love sharing our love story because I want everyone to know there is always, always hope. No past is too destroyed, no heart too broken…Heavenly Father healed us and brought us closer than ever before..and I know He can do that for anyone willing to turn to Him! God is so good!  


about bree

about bud

I love her spicy Latina spit fire personality 💃🏻.

I love how she’s just as beautiful on the inside. (Which says a lot cause she’s gorgeoussssssss!) 😍

I love how she keeps our lives adventurous, busy, and fun! (she promised she would when we got married, and she’s delivered!) 

Food is one of my love languages and Bree is an AMAZING cook! (I get real lovey dovey when she cooks for me 😘)

I love how Bree and I enjoying eating healthy and working out together.

I love how she pushes me and motivates me to be a better person. A better father, husband, and business owner. She drives our success. 

I love how Bree is my best friend. We love to do everything together! We even created our businesses so that we could spend all our time together

I love her smile and her laugh. They are both ridiculously contagious!!! 

I love her pure heart. She loves unconditionally and is the absolute best mother!

I love how much he adores me! He is constantly complimenting me throughout the day...I never have to guess what Bud is thinking..he just tells me!

I love his drive and determination. Not even a semi-truck could stop him from walking again and reaching his goals! He is a huge motivator to me!

I love how hard he works for his family. He will stop at nothing to provide for us! 

I love how present he is in our kids' lives. I've truly never met a better daddy! He's the ultimate protector.

I love how much he loves our Heavenly Father. He is such a good person to his core...and I know that comes from his love for God...it radiates from him!

I love how he lets me be ME! Whatever crazy, ridiculous idea I come up with, he supports me and comes along for the ride! He's always next to me, helping me achieve my wildest dreams!

I love how forgiving and patient he is. He teaches me everyday how to work on these attributes. I really think that's something I didn't know I was missing in my life...how to be teachable when I need to be. 

And finally....I love how SMOKIN' HOT he is!!! Enough said 😏😏.




is my jam.









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