Our Master Bedroom Ceiling

Our Master Bedroom Ceiling

The goal for our master when we built was COMFY, COZY, INVITING, and all the things to protect from the outside world. I wanted safe haven where I could retreat while I nursed my babies and a place to lay my head when I was so exhausted from mommin’ all day!

My first goal was to create a ceiling that drew your eye up…something we could wake up to every morning and be excited about the new day ahead! So, I scoured Pinterest for every picture I could find of a vaulted, wood ceiling.  I gave my builder a photo and said, make it happen! Well…turns out you really can’t say that to a builder.  Because you see, your idea is going to be different than a builder, who really doesn’t know anything about design! So, the builder went to Utah and sent photos of barnwood. I chose one and he came back with another…so frustrating! So as it was installed it looked terrible:

I was devastated. I couldn’t even sleep. I thought we’d have to tear it down. I was thinking of everything from paint to wallpaper to just starting over. Yeah…I can be a bit dramatic lol. So, Bud decided we should at least try SOMETHING to fix it. So we went to the paint store and started painting the white boards more of a cream. Then I had Bud start distressing certain spots to make it still look distressed, but a lot cleaner than a spray painted ceiling look.

After we got the center painted we decided it looked better…but not quite what I had envisioned. So we tried sandpaper on the surrounding boards. It was taking away from the beauty of the barn wood. So the next step was to try a grinder. Bud grinded those boards for hours upon hours. Bless his heart…he sure loves his wifey!

I’m really happy with how the ceiling turned out. Even though I thought it might kill me in the process. I was 8.5 months pregnant after all, so everything seemed magnified back then! Looking back, it really was just a design problem to be solved…just like everything else we tackle. I try to look at things more that way now, instead of taking them so personal. It really helps my sanity to keep things in perspective!

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  1. Lora says:

    Wow! Absolutely beautiful! Isn’t it amazing what paint can do!
    Love how all the neutrals come together and make this space so cozy!

    I use to have two lamps similar to those on your night stands and one broke from a soccer ball 🙁
    Trying to find another set.

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